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Collars vs Harnesses

Traditional dog handlers instruct owners to attach their dog’s leash to a neck collar for walks and outings. While this is a quick and simple way to get out the door, this shortcut can easily injure your dog’s delicate neck or compromise safety.

Why Dog Harnesses?

What can go wrong when you lead a dog by the neck? Quite a lot, it turns out. Some smaller breeds are prone to collapsing tracheas, and a rough tug on the collar can quickly turn into an emergency situation. Repeated pulling on the neck can lead to thyroid damage or spinal injuries over time.

The Solution is a Wilex Dog Harness

Harnesses are simply the safest, most secure, and most comfortable way to hook your dog up to his leash. A good harness will reduce pulling, increase your control over your pup, and decrease stress on his neck and joints.